Internal Telephone Cables

Internal Telephone Cables (0.5mm):


Internal telephone cables generally conform to British & International Telecommunications authorities specifications.

Type 1308 cable has each individual core of a different bi-colour for easy identification. In the color coding tables the first color is that of the PVC insulation and the second is the stripe color.

These cables are suitable for cross connecting individual items of switchboard equipments, and are used where an external telephone cable is to be connected to many internal distribution points – in a large block of flats or in a small commercial premises not equipped with private exchanges. These cables are ideal for direct connection on to terminal blocks.


Cable Type: Cu/PVC/PVC
Conductor: Solid plain/tinned copper wire to BS4109
Insulation: PVC to BS6746
Lay-up : In full units of 16,20,30 pairs sub-units of 8,10,15 pairs – each unit identified by a different colored lapping tape; units are laid up together to form a compact circular cable
Wrapping : Polyester clear tape
Sheath : PVC (Cream, white, grey or black) to BS6746. Fitted with a nylon ripcord for easy stripping.